Air Conditioner Reviews, HVAC info and Buyers Guide


ACboy writes air conditioner reviews and keeps you up-to-date with current air conditioner models and manufacturers, and the latest HVAC news and tips.

Warmer weather is just around the corner so you might want to make sure your central AC unit is ready to go:How to get your central AC unit ready for summer.

And there’s even more info on saving money heating and cooling in our HVAC efficiency section, where we cover different technologies and tips to get the most out of your air conditioning system.

In search of a quiet window air conditioner?Our article on quiet window units is still buzzing.If you are interested in a quiet window ac unit, or have found one that isn’t too noisy, (or would like to complain about a unit you bought that is too loud) please read the article and leave a comment.We’d love to hear from you.

Our portable air conditioner zone is also growing with new information.It’s a good start if you are looking for a portable.We cover everything from Pelonis to Toyotomi units, and even contemplate the mythical ventless portable ac unit.

For those “down under,” cooler weather is on the way!Check out our energy efficient heating guide for fall and winter.

Click the category links below to dive into a specific HVAC info section.? Please join in on the conversation and leave a comment below any post.

  • air, conditioner, manufacturerAir Conditioner Manufacturer OverviewsACboy dives into the different manufacturers making ac units today.Essentially a bird's eye view of each of the top air conditioner manufacturers.
  • central air conditioning unitsCentral Air Conditioning UnitsAt one time, having a house with central air conditioning was the hallmark of luxury living.
  • Evaporative Cooler ReviewsAcboy dives into the oft-misunderstood evaporative cooler. Also called "swamp coolers," these are not a/c units, but can be an excellent option to help cool things down inexpensively in dryer, less-humid environments.
  • HVAC BasicsIn HVAC Basics, ACboy serves up general air conditioner questions and answers, tackles HVAC troubleshooting questions, tax rebates, and any other AC related issues not covered elsewhere.
  • HVAC Efficiency and TipsIn the HVAC efficiency section,? ACboy dishes HVAC efficiency and air conditioner related news and A/Ctips to help you heat and cool your home more efficiently.
  • Portable Air Conditioner Reviews and TipsPortable Air Conditioner Reviews and Tips from ACboy.
  • Room Air ConditionersRoom air conditioners refer to portable, window and split systems.
  • room air purifierRoom Air Purifiers: Reviews and Buying AdviceA room air purifier is a free standing unit that removes common home allergens like dust, pollen, smoke particulates and other airborne pollutants. Some purifiers can even remove bacterial and virus particulates which is a big help for asthma sufferers or anyone with a respiratory illness.
  • split unit air conditionerSplit Unit Air Conditioners Reviews and NewsA split system, as the name implies, has the condenser and heat exchange outside with the cooling coils and fan located inside the building.
  • Window Unit Air Conditioners and ReviewsA window unit air conditioner is a viable option for cooling single rooms where installing ducting is not an option.
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