Custom Bundled Cable

Save time and cost on every job with our value added solutions.

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We offer spiral, staggered, and straight configurations. We work with you to find the best configuration for your installation.

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We specialize in a variety of nylon harness styles, including spiral, cross-laced, pull tabs, and straight parallel.

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Our bundled cable has applications in lighting systems, industrial buildings, conveyor belts, data centers, solar farms, and more.

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What We Do For You

We manufacture custom lengths, colors, and configurations of UL-listed bundled cable for commercial and industrial applications. Our Quik-Pull bundles include THHN, XHHW, SIS, Coax, CAT wire, Tray Cable, and more, all manufactured to customer specification.

We are a 100% focused on customer service and making sure that our customers quickly receive their wire bundles while also ensuring that they are only a phone call away from speaking to a One-Pull representative. With lead times under 5 days, we work hard so that electrical contractors can work fast.

We understand the competitive world of electrical contractors. They must discover innovative ways to stay competitive on job bids. Our bundled cable product lines are a value-added solution providing a competitive-edge for electricians. It increases productivity and speeds up the time to job completion. As a result, marked and bundled cable saves electricians an average of 30% in costs per installation.

By bundling single conductors on a single reel, electricians get the job done quickly, efficiently, and simply with just a single pull.

One Pull Product Spindle
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