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March, 2010

Fun videos I found on YouTube:

Powerhouse generator 2000 Watt demonstration powering a 950W Microwave

Happijac jack motor head replacement install

Clickhere for a 1937 movie theater newsreel produced by Chevrolet, about early RVers, oftencalled, "Tin Can Tourists"

Enjoythis vintage travel trailer slide show, with music by Johnny Cash

1935movie theater newsreel produced by Chevrolet - RV is half bug & half buggy

1955movie -- RV turns into traveling hotel

Clickhere for hilarious YouTube video "Redneck Camper Wheelies"

Orwatch this zany British Motorhome Race on YouTube

Boatand camper figure eight racing

TVads from the 1950s to 1960s

More funny stuff

Silly signs - Top100 -- from Road Trip America 

Legends of America.
  Travel, history, Old West, Route 66, ghost towns,treasure tales, and more.  Webmaster Kathy Weiser has gathered historic photos, oldpostcards, plus her own photos from her travels, into a fun and informative site.  Check out her mile-by-mile description along Route 66.  The information could easilyfill several books, but it's all here for free.  


More RV news:

"Less Miles - More Smiles."
Driving the Eastern seaboard? The 17.6 mileChesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel can help you avoid the congestion of I-95 and the D.C.Beltway. Be sure to stop at Seagull Island for lunch, and unubstructed views of theChesapeake bay and the Atlantic Ocean! (RVs are permitted, with propane tank valvesclosed.)  more here...

Live webcams. Want to see a live shot of Old Faithful, or Times Square?Find hundreds here, indexed by state. Click here.

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