" I invite everyone and everything to come and go as they wish; all experiences are welcome here. There is never anything alien to the mind at peace with itself. It is its own joyous community." "

Byron Katie, A Thousand Names for Joy

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proudmomentsaba.com — Children diagnosed with autism are beautiful, special people with the potential to lead happy, productive lives.? They can grow and flourish under expert, loving care.?At Proud Moments ABA, we employ a team of compassionate professionals, expert BCBA/LBAs to provide treatment for your child diagno…
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teachingitright.com — Teaching it Right’s Eye Contact social skill app for children on the autism spectrum is a customizable, research-based program completed in 10 minutes a day.
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thompsoncenter.missouri.edu — The Thompson Center is the premier autism clinical, research and training center in the Midwest, serving families in Missouri and throughout the U.S.
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bcsdny.org — Fox Lane High School strives to be a community of learners where full human development and adaptability to change are the primary goals. We seek to foster theses traits in a humane and caring climate in which diversity is respected. We are committed to nurturing responsibility, respect for individu…
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card-usf.fmhi.usf.edu — The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University of South Florida provides services, information, and resources related to autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities for professionals, educators, and families.
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Inherited mutations in a gene called ACTL6B lead to autism, epilepsy and intellectual disability, according to a new study1.The mutations are recessive, which means that they lead to autism only if a person inherits them in both copies of the gene — one from each parent, who are silent carriers. Mo…
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Children with autism are more likely than typically developing children to meet criteria for being considered overweight or obese in early childhood through adolescence1,2. And these weight issues can have deleterious health effects: Obesity plays a role in the development of diabetes, cardiovascula…
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These are making a real difference in the world!Source: The Autism Site
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The school's superintendent says privacy laws prohibit students from being publicly identified as part of a special education program. Source: The Autism Site
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A trove of DNA sequences from 141,456 people — and counting — offers researchers an unparalleled look at genetic variation across the general population1,2. The resource has been helping researchers to identify variants that contribute to autism since it was released online about four years ago3,4.…
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