Iranian Diaspora

The Independent Home of Iranians

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Iranian Diaspora

The Independent Home of Iranians

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Build, develop, challenge, and engage in transnational networks among fellow diasporic citizens. Iranian Diaspora Platform is a decentralized integrated network with the sole objective of building innovative and collaborative channels for diasporic contributions.

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Iranian Diaspora Communities

In diaspora the development of collective memory, transnational engagement, and negotiations of identity come together: we see people knitting the story of themselves with the story of the collective after it has been torn apart.

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Iranians in Spain

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Iranians in Russia

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Iranians in Switzerland

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Iranians in China

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Iranians in Belgium

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Iranians in Netherlands

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Iranians in Israel

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Iranians in Greece


Individuals who migrated from Iran or descendants of migrants, and whose identity and sense of belonging, either real or symbolic, have been shaped by their migration experience and background, are often referred to collectively as Iranian diaspora. The transnational nature of Iranian diaspora implies that these people are crucial when it comes to connecting countries and communities, because they can call on multiple networks, relate to different identities and share a sense of belonging to more than one community.

Iranian Diaspora Platform is a decentralized integrated network with the sole objective of promoting collaboration in areas related to the long-term development of democratic principles in Iran and its wider diaspora communities. The project will build the capacity for Iranian diaspora to conduct civic engagement through a peer-to-peer membership platform, courses, leadership programs, and robust trainings streams such as technical bootcamp, hackathon, editathon, workshop and summer camps.

The platform fosters innovative and collaborative channels between experts and citizens and engages with complex and pressing subjects such as nationalism, immigration, xenophobia, gender, sexuality and identity. Our research, programming, and projects examine overlooked and underemphasized narratives, advocate for new forms of democratic engagement, and support collaboration between individuals, leaders, and institutions. The project encourages quantitative and forward-looking actions on a broad array of areas relating to development. It seeks to envision a responsible future and simulate evidence-based policies under plausible scenarios.

There is a renewable energy revolution underway and you can be part of it now. Our tailored platform help with reducing your digital footprints and deliver positive outcomes for people around the world. Pardis Project is in pilot/beta mode designed specifically to address the intersection of environmental degradation and human rights. The web of life is interconnected and interdependent. When the habitat of any one species is destroyed, our own security and survival is endangered. By planting trees and offsetting its energy use with renewables, each action on our platform actually removes 1 kg of CO2 from the air, which makes Iranian Diaspora Platform a sustainable and carbon-negative platform.

Iranian Diaspora Platform exists as a free, independent, and accessible to everyone. People like you power the platform by contributing in innovative and collaborative ways.?

Iranian Diaspora Platform is processing a Public Benefit Corporation, and aims to be held to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency set by B Lab, an independent certifying group. As a Public Benefit Corporation, Iranian Diaspora’s mission and commitment to empowering people everywhere are legally part of the organization’s founding charter.

We are funded by paying members. Our business model is providing you with resources to empower and thrive, not selling your attention and data to advertisers. We are open to collaborating with media and service partners. We also accept funding from organizations whose investments contribute directly to our Founding Principles and Editorial Charter. Any such agreement will include one non-negotiable condition: full independence.

Preliminary remarks on the acceptance of donations:

Our greatest asset is our independence and our credibility.
We will be viewed as credible when we also hold ourselves to the same standards that we critically apply to others.
We recognize that the public’s ethical and moral standards are much higher for a Public Benefit Corporation undertaking like ours than for commercial platforms.


  1. We publicly disclose donation amounts and contributions over $1000, along with their respective donors and contributors, in a timely manner. We do not accept contributions and donations from sponsors who do not agree to these conditions. Anonymous contributions are publicly disclosed as such.
  2. Under no circumstances can sponsors influence editorial content, investigations, or any other decisions taken by the editorial team and its contributors.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse donations from sponsors whose ethical principles conflict with our charter.
  4. We disclose potential conflicts of interest between donors and the work of our employees or editors. If we detect conflicts of interest, individual employees may be excluded from conducting research on a specific project, or entire investigations may be abandoned by the executive team. Such actions will also always be publicly disclosed.

Mebership is and always will be free!

Coins are a virtual good you can use to award exemplary actions. Support Iranian Diaspora Communities and encourage your favorite contributors to keep making the platform better and stringer.?

Peers do not need to purchase coins for their activities. Instead they gain coins with every action such as visiting pages, writing posts, interacting with other peers and so on. There are a variety of ways to earn on coins. The number one is to be active on the platform!

We know we’re not ‘the fix’ for what’s wrong in the world, and we know that there’s no one way to do it. When we make mistakes, we admit and correct them. We will also be transparent about how we spend our budget by publishing an annual financial and editorial report in addition to independent third party audits. And we will keep pushing ourselves to do a better job, inviting you to help. Together we will keep learning, about ourselves and the world around us.

The Iranian Diaspora is at its best when it includes many different perspectives and world-views. That’s why we seek to include people from a broad variety of backgrounds, both in our newsroom and on our platform. Our principle of inclusivity extends to the way we find writers, reach readers, and treat members. Expecting writers to have a point of view helps in recruiting a diverse staff in our core programs. Members can share our work freely with anyone, expanding our readership. And we have an inclusive financial & rewarding model, so nobody is excluded from our collective work because of poverty and other marginalization mechanisms.

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