• Andy’s Favorite Men’s Apparel & Accessory Brands

    These are products and merchants with which I have personal experience, and have found to be my most favorite. They are the best in their category listed alphabetically. Some are advertisers for this website; some are not. Brands designated with an asterisk (*) are Ask Andy About Clothes Advertising Partners. […]

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  • About Andy

    AskAndyAboutClothes.com is devoted to what to wear, how to properly wear it, and the history of why we wear what we do.

    Check out Andy’s story and how this website came to be.

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Thank you for your website! It is hard for me to relate how much I appreciate the wealth of information found on the site itself and in the forums. Also, as a physician, I appreciate the drive to provide information that is as free of commercial bias as possible. I don’t normally join forums, preferring to lurk, but yours is special.

— Dr. D. S. Minnesota, USA

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