Pet Sitting & Exercising Services
Johnson County’s Premier Pet Sitting Service

Taking Care of Your Furry Loved Ones for Many Years

Welcome to Grand Paws Pet Sitting Services, Inc. If your pets could tell you to, "Please call our pet sitter, and let us remain home," they would. Your pets will be kept on their familiar routine and able to sleep in their own home.
Family Going on Vacation Leaving Their Dog Behind — Overland Park, KS — Grand Paws Pet Sitting Service Inc
At home, your pets do not come in contact with airborne bacteria, separation anxiety, or the trauma of cages. When you arrive home from your holiday, your happy and healthy pet is waiting for you.

With one of our bonded and insured pet sitters, there is no imposing on friends and family. Your sitter will also perform crime-deterrent measures. Each of Grand Paw's Pet Sitting Services, Inc.'s caregivers, are personally trained by Pat Ramm using her thirty years of experience in the pet sitting industry. 

Grand Paws Pet Sitting Services, Inc., services the entire Johnson County area. It offers an affordable per visit charge that includes all we do. There are never any hidden charges or a holiday surcharge.


All caregivers are then bonded and insured for your peace of mind. Grand Paws Pet Sitting Services, Inc. has a great staff, so there is always someone to care for your “fur baby.”
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